We can’t wait to see you all! For some of you … it will be meeting for the first time! We are so excited!

Just this week one of our preschool parents walked by McBride Annex and saw the preschool room door open! Taking a peek, she found that VSB Maintenance was on site doing the renovation for our small ‘kitchenette’. We are waiting for the reno to be completed.  Its completion will mean that in the next several weeks we can move in with all our new preschool furniture and begin our actual preschool classroom set up. We are looking forward to this immensely!

For us it has been like Christmas in July as we purchase all the toys, educational materials and the art supplies (my favorite!!) One of our little students told me on Registration day that I needed to remember to buy trucks…he will be happy to know that Miss Rebecca has kept this in her mind all summer and several lovely trucks will be parked in the preschool come opening day!! There will also be new dollies, and china tea sets, and stainless steel cooking pots for our play kitchen…and a wooden work bench with lots of tools, a train set and puzzles galore…just to name a few things!

In the next couple of weeks each of our preschool families will receive a letter with info about our start day and our gradual entry procedure. So please be on the lookout …

I hope everyone has a very wonderful ‘…rest of the summer…’ with your families!

Stay tuned….

Miss Rebecca