How the Application Process Works

The Application Process 

When you complete our online Application form we place your child (based on the birth year information you provide) on our wait-list for the preschool class and year your child is eligible for—either Tuesday/Thursday for 3 year olds or Monday/Wednesday/Friday for 4 year olds.

Everyone who applies is wait-listed and numbered for the year/class applied for,  according to the date it was received.

Here are the registration process details:

  1. We have a set number of preschool spaces available each year, half for boys, half for girls.
  2. In early January based on current Licensing standards we let you know exactly how many Tuesday/Thursday mornings, and Tuesday/Thursday afternoons are available .
  3. We offer both boy and girl placements based on your wait-list date and related number, “first come, first served”.
  4. Morning and afternoon placements are assigned based on preference as long as space is available.

Priority placement in the 4 year old Monday/Wednesday/Friday class for any given year goes first to registered 3 year olds who have participated in one of our Tuesday/Thursday classes, and then any remaining open spots are offered to wait-listed 4 year olds, based on the criteria noted above.

Application has its Benefits

When you apply, we commit to contacting you in early January of your child’s start year to provide you with the final details the registration process.

Once the final registration begins you will be asked to confirm your application position by indicating your 1st preference for placement by email by a deadline date. Prompt and timely replies (first come, first served…) avoid disappointment.

We then finalize and confirm placements according to the criteria noted above (spaces available, first come, first served, am/pm based on availability) and contact you with placement details.

Upon confirmation we send you the registration package that includes paperwork to complete and return to us in person at our Registration Day (TBA) in January.

When we have received all of the completed paperwork and registration fees, your child(and your family)  officially become part of the Start Smart family.

What Application Isn’t

Application is not a guaranteed of preschool placement.  It is a fair and equitable way of accessing the Registration opportunity we offer.  We will do our utmost to keep you connected with the preschool via periodic email newsletters and informed in a timely manner of the registration process as it unfolds.

What’s Next?

Application, of course!  Review our website, think it through and apply.  If you have questions feel free to use the contact form under Contact Us and we will get back to you promptly.

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