A Moving Tale

The Untold Story of Vancouver Start Smart Preschool

The little Annex classroom had been dark and empty for many years.  It was dark—its doors were closed and locked, and its curtains were drawn.  It was empty—no furniture, no children,empty. 

Although the little Annex classroom was dark and empty, the little classroom still had memories—memories of happy children learning new things, memories of happy children making new friends, singing songs, and playing games. It was the memories that gave the little Annex classroom hope.

But as the days passed, all the little classroom could hear were the sounds of a distant playground, the sounds of a school bell ringing once or twice a day, but never did any happy children coming into its room.

The little Annex classroom had almost given up, and had started to think that dust and emptiness would be all that happen to it, when without warning one day, the outside door opened, the light came on, and a bright, cheerful voice said, “this will make a great preschool!” The little Annex classroom did not exactly know what a preschool was but it started to hope…it hoped for many new children, it hoped for happy songs and dances, it hoped for beautiful artwork to adorn its walls, and it hoped for more adventures—imaginary pirate ships, imaginary castles and princes and princesses, imaginary hospitals and doctors, imaginary policemen and construction workers.

Just imagine….” the little Annex classroom thought, “maybe one day I will be useful and active again.” But then the darkness returned, the emptiness came back. The long ago memories of happy children started to fade into long ago of silence of dreamland…

…Until suddenly the little Annex room heard a loud noise—the noise of a big truck, the noise of a door opening, and the noise of a friendly voice, saying… “Hello little room, you are going to be our new preschool.”  The little room could hardly believe what its walls were hearing. But in walked Miss Rebecca and Miss Selena, the new teachers, with the driver of the big truck. He asked, “ Where do you want me to put the new preschool learning toys?”

Just over here,” said Miss Rebecca.

Where do you want me to put the art tables?” said the driver.

Just over here,” said Miss Selena.

And where does the train set go?”  The little room started to glow with happy thoughts.

Where does the castle and the dollhouse go? What about the workbench and the tool boxes? Where do the costumes go? And the cars and trucks and shakers and drums and puzzles and games and…”  The little room could hardly believe it… new toys, new imaginations, new musical instruments, new drums, new paints, new papers,….new everything! And the little room started to dream again. 

I wonder where the kids are,” the little room thought. And then it listened hard with its walls and it heard the new teachers say that “the children will be coming soon, in just 15 more sleeps.”

How fun! thought the little classroom, and settled into a night of dreaming about castles and fairy princesses and dragons and heroes, but best of all its new little friends—children playing and singing and dancing and drawing and painting and learning about the world they live in.